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  • VATICAN MUSEUM We will be travelling through the time of the Catholic Rome starting from the famous Helicoidale Stairs and walking trough the most famous sale ( galleries)  in the world, Secrets and misteris of the Ancinet Catholic wolrd will be leading us to the Sistin Chapel and over to the Basilica of Saint Peter where the tour ends.<br /><b>Notes:</b><br />Entrance to Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel requires appropriate attire (no shorts, miniskirts or uncovered shoulders); Will not be possible the visit to the Basilic during religious holidays and ceremonies; The visit is not recommended for people with walking Difficulties; When church is closes in alternative you can chose an other sight to visit; The Church without explanation from the outside only.<br /><b>Fee Includes:</b><br />Museum tickets; english speaking guide; spanish speaking guide
  • IMPERIAL ROME It is an old lady of 2000 years old, it is Rome and its marvellous skylines and views on every hour on a day... we will be living the ancient romans life for a while in the Forum, their social actitudes and how they use to spend their free time at the Colosseum... shall we hear them to cheer on? Close your eyes and you will and tell it to the Emperor... at home...<br /><b>Notes:</b><br /> Comfortable apparel and shoes recommended; starting point from ARA COELI STEPS IN PIAZZA VENEZIA.<br /><b>Fee Includes:</b><br />sights tickets; english speaking guide; spanish speaking guide
  • THE ROMAN CHURCHES TOUR We will be walking through the History of Art telling us the stories of master pieces of art such as the Michelangelo o Leonardo da Vinci operas, misterious and religious secrets of Ancient Roman Sacred Areas and Vatican will be leading us in this tour.<br />Itinerary churches: San Giovanni in Laterano, Santa Maria Maggiore, San Pietro in Vincoli, Ara Coeli, Santi Apostoli, Twin Churches of Piazza del Popolo<br />The tour ends in Saint Peter's square after the Explication of the basilica that must be made from the outside.<br /><b>Please notice:</b><br />In order to respect the sacred areas most of the churches will be explained from the outside.<br /><b>Fee includes:</b> english speaking guide; spanish speaking guide; guided tour of the churches
  • ROMAN FAMOUS SQUARES A relaxing walk in Rome, visiting the most famous squares of the city with its secrets and fascinating us as they were, are and will be looking like and what for... Santa Maria in trastevere (starting point after dinner at 20,00 hours ), Campo de' Fiori, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Piazza di Spagna, Trevi and Piazza Venezia.<br /><br /><b>Notes:</b><br />Comfortable shoes recommended.<br /><br /><b>Fee includes:</b><br />english speaking guided tour of three hours; dinner in local restaurant in Santa Maria in Trastevere
  • GARBATELLA'S CARBONARA On of the famoust historical subborbs in Rome, it is a young subborb born during the fascism period in the '20s of the Twentythcentury...sometimes it still looks like a '50s Rome life style...<br />after the walk, a roman chef will be waiting for us in his house cooking for us the main course of Italy: pasta alla carbonara, pasta ajo ojo e peperoncino, pasta cacio e pepe, a nice apetizer first and a delicious dessert in the end.<br /><br /><b>Notice:</b><br />it would be really important to know your dietary requirements. Any addition must be communicated on time.
  • NINFA GARDENS <b>Dates: 24 May, 5 July, 2 August, 6 September</b><br />A Day into the art, the nature and good food... an ancient and well preserved historical center, one of the beautiful garden in the world and the austere charm of Valvisciolo Abbey.<br />Daily program: Meeting at 9:00 at the Sermoneta Shopping Center; guided city tour; Lunch. At 15:30 Valvisciolo Abbey. At 17:30 Ninfa Gardens.
  • CIRCEO PROMONTORY <b>Dates: 31 May, 12 July, 15 August, 13 September</b><br />meeting point at Il Delfino at 7:30 am. At 08.00 am Muscle toning. 8:15 am breakfast. 9:30 am start climbing. pic nic. Yoga at 14.00 pm (1 hr). End of tour at 16:30 pm. No kids under 16th.
  • CIRCEO NATIONAL PARK <b>Dates: 7 June, 19 July, 16 August.</b><br />Meeting point: piazzale San Francesco in san Felice Circeo. Guided city tour - Goats Grotto - Promontory - Circeo national park and Caprolace lake.
  • ABBEY OF PADULA Starting tour at 07:00 am. Arriving in Salerno and guided city tour. Typical food lunch. Breaking time at the hotel. Cala Bianca on the beach. Dinner at the hotel. Day 2: Starting tour to the abbey of Certosa at 08.00 am. Lunch. At. 6 pm end of tour.
  • PIANA DELLE ORME MUSEUM <b>Dates: Call.</b><br />

Meeting point at Piana delle Orme Museum Parking. At 9:15 am starting tour. Ore 11:00 Fogliano Lake (Borgo di Fogliano). Tasting tour and lunch in a farm at 13:00. Visit the site by bike. At 17:00 end of tour.
  • ANCIENT ROME IN LOMBARDY <b>Date: The calendar is in preparation</b><br />TODAY AS THEN.. ENCHANTING ITALY

In a fascinating journey through time, we will retrace the ways of the ancient Romans to continue our journey, we will leave from Brescia, passing through Mantua and finally Sabbioneta ...
  • NOIR MILAN TOUR <b>Date: Contattaci</b><br />Milan between the sacred and the profane, a tour of the churches with tales of ghosts and noir legends.A walk in the secret Milan, that of tales and legends as well as the wonderful churches that almost unknown, have watched over for centuries and give light and spirit to the city. 3 hour walk with Angela. San Lorenzo Al Corso, San Ambrogio, Santa Maria dei Miracoli near San Celso, San Bernardino, Milan Cathedral. Aperitif at the Gattopardo deconsecrated church, or at the Chiesoletta.Duration: 3 hours. The tour includes: accompanying with an explanation of the places and story of noir legends and ghost stories. Appetizer. Assistance
  • TOVEL LAKE <b>Date: The calendar is in preparation</b><br />LAKE OF NEMBIA

Ten days of absolute well-being and tranquility immersed in the green of Trentino among spas, walks, yoga in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Italian Alps, good food and relaxation. Walks on Lake Tovel by bike or simple walks, OPTIONAL HELICOPTER FLIGHT over the Cima Tosa and lunch at the Ghedina refuge, with afternoon yoga...upon your return to your hotel, the hot water pools with Himalya salt , panoramic views and appetizer.


A day of walking and full immersion in the green valleys, tour by bicycle or on foot, lunch at beautiful Ghedina refuge, and afternoon yoga ...
  • 4 SEASONS We will travel the 4 seasons of the year as if we were the ancient Romans, we will eat like them for one evening, in a very special location at the end of a winter trekking among the ruins of Rome, in the footsteps of Apicius with the help and passion from Debora we will learn something about the gourmet cuisine of the ancient Romans, we will imagine ourselves in a unique and tasteful atmosphere and that is why it will be our PANZA MIA FATTE CAPANNA evening !! We will see with our eyes where and how our Giallorossi ancestors spent the scorching summers, among the natural beauties of Sabaudia and Sperlonga, we will immerse ourselves in the natural reserve of the Circeo promontory.The tour will also include the most visited and classic monuments of Rome, but seen for one evening from a particular point of view: guided evening tour, illuminated Rome with open bus! Let yourself be captivated by the charm of history, not the boring one, but the greedy one, the beautiful one ... among our stops we will also visit a very small Venice, yes a very small city: Rasiglia! with its waterfalls, mills and its Nymphaeum… it will be like living a fairy tale for one night ... A 7 days and 6 nights tour between Lazio and Umbria. Executable independently or by booking a bus.

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